With WeddingTexting.com, brides can navigate even the biggest wedding day challenges with ease. Need tell guests about a new venue? Postponed ceremony date? Alternate travel route? Send this important information instantly.

Venue Change Nightmare

It was two days before my perfect day when a storm rolled in and stayed the entire weekend. The outdoor venue I had booked closed due to the rain and my wedding had to be moved to another venue. While most of my guests lived in the area I had no way to tell them of the venue change. My wedding party and I had to scramble to try and contact all 300 of the people on my guest list. It took hours to track down all the phone numbers and actually send each of the guests a message. With WeddingTexting.com we would have been able to contact all of our guests instantly without the time-consuming hassle of locating all of their phone numbers.



Bridal Party Debacle

A bride’s stress often comes from last-minute changes that are out of her control. Even as she rolls with the punches, she has to have a way to communicate these changes to her guests! Whether it's a last minute cancellation, illness or travel issue, quick and easy communication is extremely important. Even if your event goes off without a hitch, the insurance of having instant back up communication is priceless! Let WeddingTexting.com take any last minute communication stress out of your life. Peace of mind with instant communication for only $399!



Photographer Cancels

Our wedding was nine days away when I received a text from our videographer canceling on me.  We had only nine days to try and find a replacement! I called and texted every person I could think of to try and replace someone who should be booked months in advance.  WeddingTexting.com would have allowed me to get a message out to my entire guest list and ask for help finding a new videographer instead of having to try and find a replacement all by myself.