• Why do I need WeddingTexting.com? Can't I just send group text messages from my phone?

Even with the smallest of weddings, sending traditional group texts requires collecting and storing all of your guests' phone numbers on your personal mobile phone. WeddingTexting.com does the work for you, and keeps all your guests' phone numbers private.

We have all fallen victim to the group text that never ends. With WeddingTexting.com, your guests never have to worry that their mobile phones will be clogged with group text responses. WeddingTexting.com streamlines texting for even hundreds of guests. The only person who sees your guests' responses is you.

  • How do my guests opt-in to receive my messages?

Guests will text your custom keyword to a number we provide. No special service is needed, just access to a mobile phone that can send and receive text messages.

  • How will I see my guests' responses?

Your WeddingTexting.com account will allow you to view your guests' responses in real time.


Creative Uses
  • Send prayer reminders during the five days leading up to the ceremony date.
  • Remind guests to bring words of wisdom for the guestbook.
  • Send a link to a special recipe from the reception menu.
  • Give a big shout out when it's time to cut the cake!
  • Let everyone know when the conga line forms.